Why should you consider ResCon to sell your business?

90% Success Rate

200 Businesses Sold in the Last 10 Years

Be assured that we understand the your restoration business and everything that surrounds it. For the past 12 years, everything we’ve done has revolved around the restoration industry. Our experience selling restoration businesses enables us to communicate the value in your business in a way that is relevant, understandable and compelling to your potential buyers. In other words we don’t sell Mary’s Muffin Shop one day and try to represent your restoration business the next.

With ResCon

Industry Standard

Rescon Sells 90% of businesses we list 23% of businesses listed actually sell
Rescon extracts maximum value in sales price Majority that do sell, sell for 30% to 40%
less than their value
Comprehensive and one-on-one service 50% of sales fall apart during the due
diligence stage and never close

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ResCon Business Brokers successfully sells 9 out of 10 business we list
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The ResCon Business Broker Recipe for Success:

What Does Our Process Look Like?

We have achieved a high closing rate of 90% because we developed a fine tuned process as described below:

  1. Interview: Our 20-step interview collects vital information for the business sale.
  2. Financial Review: We review balance sheets, income statements, and tax returns.
  3. Business Valuation Report: We provide a Valuation Report to justify selling price.
  4. Marketing Plan: We develop a targeted marketing plan to attract the best buyers.
  5. Buyer Screenings: Rescon Business Broker’s has at any given time over 200 qualified buyers who are interested in buying a restoration business.
  6. Buyer Negotiations: We will represent you with all buyer negotiations to ensure you get the best deal that will work for you
  7. Due Diligence: We work hard on preparing for this when we get a Purchase Offer the due diligence process goes smoothly.
  8. Million-Dollar Banking Relationships: We introduce the buyer to our tried and true lenders for fast loan approval.
  9. Closing: We act as the point of contact for buyers and sellers at closing.

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We want to work with you. Use ResCon to guarantee a successful sale of your business at max value. ResCon Business Brokers will help you navigate the successful sale of your business. You deserve the best possible outcome. Talk to us.

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