Comprehensive Interview

Our proprietary 20-step interview is designed to collect vital information needed to assess your industry performance and ultimately determine the true value of your company. The benefit – our strategy has proven to secure top dollar when your business sells.

Financial Review

We review your balance sheets, income statements and tax returns to accurately assess the performance of your business and the fair market value of your assets. This is a crucial step in attracting the right buyers and creating competition among them.

Business Valuation Report & Offering Package

After analyzing all gathered information, we develop a Valuation Report to justify the selling price and prepare an Offering Package for pre-screened, prospective buyers. The benefit – our package is designed to anticipate all the questions buyers (and their CPAs) will want answered, in advance.

Comprehensive Marketing Plan

To attract the best buyers, we develop a targeted marketing plan which includes: Internet marketing, newspapers, Wall Street Journal, trade magazines, direct mail, plus marketing to our 140 offices nationwide and our in-house roster of qualified buyers.

Comprehensive Buyer Screening Process

We undertake a comprehensive screening process to qualify buyers interested in your business. This includes analyzing their capacity to buy; a references check; a buyer profile and a buyer confidentiality agreement. We also work to enhance competition between qualified buyers to assure the maximum sale price.

Negotiate With Buyer

After encouraging buyers to submit an Offer to Purchase, we review the offer with you and negotiate on your behalf to maximize your benefit.

Assist Buyer With Due Diligence

To expedite the process, we assist in the buyer’s due diligence process while anticipating, and providing answers to, questions posed by the buyer’s CPA.

Million-Dollar Banking Rolodex

Our years of experience have enabled us to forge relationships with banks and lenders poised to lend for acquisitions, right now. We will introduce your buyer to our million-dollar Rolodex of lenders for faster loan approval.

Arrange & Attend Closing

We serve as a central point of contact for key people on both sides of the transaction. We will also coordinate with the buyer’s attorney if E2 Visas are required. Even more important, we attend closing to assure a successful close and transfer of your business.


Let us help you navigate the path to a successful transfer of your business. For more information about our complete portfolio of services, call 407-781-4696 or contact us.