Future Vision and Happy Exits – Part II

Last time, I wrote about the important role that SDI – or Seller Discretionary Income – plays in a happy, lucrative exit from your restoration business. In short, SDI takes a number of factors and calculates, reasonably accurately, projected income for your business over a certain time period. This is good for the you, the … Read More >>

Future Vision and Happy Exits – Part I

We all strive to have a happy, healthy family and work we find fulfilling. You’ve done your best to build this for yourself and your company reflects your work ethic. You’ve got a stable group of clients serviced by expert technicians that know they’re way around their equipment. You go to work every day and … Read More >>

Vision Boards: Not just for design

  You have probably seen vision or mood boards in design studios or advertising agencies. Basically, a vision board can be anything you want it to be. If you’re looking to redesign your home, you may turn to a vision board to layout the kind of styles you like or the color pallet you’re going … Read More >>