Why Paying Yourself is Crucial to Your Restoration Business

Have you heard that many small businesses go without a salary for the first three years they are in business? Did you know that most small businesses stay in the red for the first three years and often close? I don’t think this has to be the case. A small business owner doesn’t have to … Read More >>

Understanding SDI – Sellers Discretionary Income

SDI is a big fancy way of saying discretionary cash flow. Basically, SDI are the pretax and pre-interest profits before you take out non-cash expenses, one owner’s benefits, one-time investments and other non-related income or expenses. Now, that’s a lot so let’s walk through exactly what that means. The first bit of that is all … Read More >>

Building Value in your Company: How to Do it

The value of your business comes down to a single equation: what multiple of your profit is an acquirer willing to pay for your company? profit × multiple = value It’s a simplistic equation that is used to ballpark the value of a business for sale. Many business owners believe that in order to increase … Read More >>