4 Reasons why your Restoration Business Needs a Database

By | August 1, 2019 | Advertising, Marketing

As a business owner you know that you need to be organized to get the best results in running your restoration business. A database at its basic form is a structured set of information that is stored on a computer or in the cloud, yet organized so that it can be easily be accessed, managed, and updated. By some, it is described as an ‘electronic filing system’. So why continue to hassle with lots of inefficient paper files that can easily become disorganized, lost and damaged? The short answer is better organization. However, there are a few reasons that work together within a database to help you with your restoration businesses organization, overall efficiency, and even profitability.

Here are the 4 reasons why your restoration business needs a database:

Everything in one spot: You can stay better organized by having all of your ‘stuff’ in one spot, in a logical manner of course. This way nothing can become lost or damaged, if it is put in the database. Also it can ensure easy access from almost anywhere, therefore saving you time from having to go through stacks of files and papers. This will cause you to be more efficient and consistent in your daily operations. Having all of your information organized in one place can help you to become more efficient and consistent in your daily business operations. This can help in better scheduling, getting to customer requests quicker, etc. In return, efficiency can give you a competitive advantage against your competition because you will create a pattern of being on top of things.

Better collaborate with coworkers and customers: A database, when organized, can be a great tool for better collaboration with coworkers and customers. It can be used to build upon customer relationships by having a spot to put in customer information, thus knowing what services they requested, if they were satisfied, and other basic contact information. Nurturing and building customer relationships is important for growing your restoration business.

Find problems: Databases allow you to generate reports and compare results from previous months or quarters. When you do this you can see what worked and what didn’t work and see why. If you have any problems you can easily go to your database to see what the problem may be. Buyers want to see any potential underlying problems as well as areas for growth.

Adds to profitability: Having a database will help you have a continuation of processes. If someone new comes in or if you decide to sell your business, there will be no need to start from scratch because you will already have set processes that will continue if someone else takes over. Having a properly functioning database is a great selling point to have when you are ready to take that leap and sell your restoration business. If you have a database set up now, buyers will not have to take the time and money to set up one once the business is sold, which adds to your profitability when selling your restoration business. Buyers evaluate the worth of your business based on your profitability into the foreseeable future. So having an organized and usable database can help buyers better evaluate the worth of your business.

These 4 reasons show just how much your restoration business needs a database. They show that the
power of organization cannot be overstated. Organization can make or break your restoration business. Knowing where all your information is and how it works together is important. A database can help you become more efficient in your operations, thus saving you time and help you to continue to grow your restoration business. Potential buyers see a functional database as a great selling point because the transition into transferring your business will be smooth.